Wine Word Of The Day: Introduction

When I first started drinking wine and really enjoying it, I would often try read wine reviews and notes to help choose which wines to buy. Books like the Platter’s Guide was a great reference, but far too often there would be a word that I didn’t really understand what it meant, in terms of wine.

Often wine descriptors don’t mean the same thing in wine as in another field. It can be really confusing and complicated.
This isn’t always just for wine newbies, I often read and hear descriptors and terms that don’t suit the wine being drunk.
Unfortunately, it’s hard for us wine geeks and professionals not to use these convoluted terms. An example is skin maceration vs skin contact. It’s the same thing but skin maceration is technically the correct term.

On this Blog I am going to try as hard as possible to make it all a little simpler, but also hope to teach my readers some useful information. The best part about working on this blog, I am going to force myself to keep on learning.