Pumping the Cabernet into the old barrels

Howzit, I’m Max Meindl, an IT engineer and an electronic DJ. I discovered wine 20 years ago but became a real wine-geek around 2013. Wine has always been my drink of choice but in 2013 it really clicked and I realised that there was something magical about a special terroir-driven wine that speaks to all the senses.
Ever since then I have been on a mission to learn everything I can about what makes a wine speak to me. I have been lucky to meet many interesting people and in a very short time tasted some of the best wines in the world. Living in Cape Town I am extremely privileged to have direct access to the wine farms and people in the industry here.
One of the best things about drinking wine is finding yourself in an ethereal moments experiencing the beautiful places in South Africa with an ethereal glass of wine in my hand.
I have completed my WSET Level 2 and WSET Level 3 qualifications and will be starting my WSET Diploma in 2017.
I read book after book on all aspects of wine, and most importantly I taste wine after wine.
2016 has been a great year because my fellow wine geek, Gavin Withers of “The Wine Taster” and I, have started our journey as garagiste wine makers. Who knows maybe in a few years we can release a wine that will inspire another newbie.
I hope that I can take you on a great journey in your discovery of wine. Please feel free to contact me with any requests.